From life-altering soccer injuries to the devastation of combat-related TBI and PTSD, we have had substantial success treating the symptoms of many different and difficult life problems. Not everyone who walks through our door leaves 100% better, but through the use of our mixture of treatments and unique methodology, our rate of success is remarkably high.

Here are a few of those successes…

trevor story

Leslie’s Story

“Neurofeedback worked for me, it worked for my friends, and it worked for my kids”.

Barry’s Story

“I got my life back, I got my body back and really bottom line, I got my brain back”.

Cliff's Story

Veterans returning home are suffering the tragic effects of PTSD in staggering numbers. It is believed by many experts that the current reports of 22 PTSD-related suicides per day is grossly underestimated. BWB is having great success in reducing and eliminating many, if not all, of the symptoms associated with this devastating condition. Listen as one such veteran tells his amazing story.

Bridgett's Story

Listen, as Bridgett’s mother tells you what happened when her daughter suffered a blow to the head during a soccer game. Practically overnight, she went from being a happy, bright and active youngster to one unable to taste, walk, read, sleep or think clearly. Her anxiety attacks and relentless headaches were nearly incapacitating, but doctors were unable to offer more than the need to “wait it out”.









Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI

Jake fell off a high dive onto a pool deck at age 11. This resulted in a partial resection of the left temporal lobe, a closed fracture, internal bleeding and a 12 day coma. When he arrived at BWB, his speech was unintelligible, he had poor motor control skills especially in his hands and he could not close his lips or swallow correctly. He had braces on his legs and arms and used an Assistant Communication Device to speak. After treatment he no longer needed the communication device or the braces. Both arms are strong and he can walk long distances without tiring. Academics, physical strength and abilities continued to improve. He was no longer doomed to a life of profound disability. Seven years after beginning treatment, Jake graduated from high school.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD

TH was a Federal Employee who succumbed to years of intense stress related to operational missions, dealing with 9-11 and the 12 years that followed. He continuously fought emotional, political and bureaucratic battles in and out of the war zones. After a specific traumatic incident, his mind and body could not take anymore. He lost the ability to walk, talk and use his left arm. He had a severe burning sensation in his extremities, a feeling of a weight or dead spot on his brain, and his memory had all but completely failed. He was frequently disoriented, his cognitive skills were gone and even his driving was impaired. After treatment at BWB, his memory is almost completely restored and he has made a full and remarkable recovery.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - AD(H)D

“Timmy has done so well this year that the school believes that he no longer needs academic/executive functioning support! This all became possible after Timmy received Neurofeedback at the Brain Wellness and Biofeedback center. The treatment he received changed his ability to have quality sleep which allowed his brain to develop and mature. The cognitive and behavioral improvements from treatment are none other than miraculous! One teacher from Timmy’s school called to tell me that the result of the transformation Timmy has made this school year led to their recommendation that he does not need to be in resource next year! With tears in my eyes I knew this was all because of the Neurofeedback he received, 100% responsible. I know it in my gut!!!!”

Auditory Hallucinations

Archie was 12-years-old when his new psychiatrist referred him for treatment. He had recently been hospitalized because he was hearing voices urging him to harm others. Multiple medications were started and he was diagnosed as possibly schizophrenic. Archie’s response to treatment was positive from the beginning. After only a few treatments his therapist, guidance counselor and others reported major improvements. The auditory hallucinations faded quickly and he could return to school. His energy gradually improved and medications were reduced and eventually eliminated. Treatments for ADD symptoms continued with traditional neurotherapy, done by Dr. Mike Sitar, added to the treatment program. Archie graduated from college and is pursuing a higher degree.


“Prior to my treatments at BWB, I had migraines every day. I would end up in after hours care facilities at least twice a month for a migraine that I could not control. My usual treatment was to get a shot of Demerol (100mg) to relieve the pain associated with the migraine. Since treatment, I have been able to control my migraines with little to no drug intervention, primarily because my migraines are far less frequent or severe. I am now back to work and attending technical computer courses.”


Marilyn could speak only four or five words when she arrived at BWB. New situations or people terrified her. After treatment, in tandem with traditional neurofeedback with Dr. Angelo Bolea, she made major advances physically, emotionally and cognitively. Not only is she fluent on email, her coordination and gait improved so much she was running cross-country and skiing.


“I told my husband that I had a choice – go either to the hospital or visit Dr. Kevorkian for relief. Fibromyalgia, a chronic myofascial pain syndrome, caused my mind and body to shut down. I could sign my name only with difficulty and needed physical therapy for ten weeks at home. The drugs of choice were amitriptyline and codeine +4. I was mentally and physically dependent. I bounced off walls and was definitely unbalanced. I fell, hitting my head on a tile floor, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. After this incident, my general health deteriorated- more pain, more difficulty speaking and even more memory problems. I was saved by Dr. Mary Lee Esty and her colleagues at BWB. The treatment program was very successful and enjoyable. I have learned so much about my brain and my body and I am eager to learn more. A big negative has become a huge positive.” This lovely client renamed our office “The Ultimate Spa”.


Bridgett came to BWB at age 10 after receiving a blow to the back of her head during a soccer game. She went from being a happy, bright and active youngster to one unable to taste, walk, read, sleep or think clearly. Her anxiety attacks and relentless headaches were nearly incapacitating, but doctors were unable to offer more than the need to “wait it out”. After nine sessions with Dr. Esty, Bridgett walked out of the office whispering that she was “healed”. Although unable to write even a few sentences for six months, she finished eight months of schoolwork in eight weeks and learned eight months of Irish dance steps well enough in two nights to place at the top of her division at a dance competition. There was no more anxiety, no more panic attacks and no visible effects of the concussion. Neurofeedback produced a rapid change from an injury that could otherwise have led to a lifetime of pain and disability.

Asperger's Syndrome

Tony had all the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome. After the first treatment, his eye contact and his participation in his socialization group improved dramatically. As treatment progressed he became aware of his and others feelings and began to show affection. Soon his peers remarked “he is just like us now”. His teachers are amazed with his progress and his mother now describes him as “a thriving teenager with friends of his own age group”.

Chemo-Fog or Chemo-Brain

FK is an extremely high functioning Ph. D. who had juggled job and family with relative ease prior to cancer treatment. The treatment brought on extreme fatigue, headache, poor sleep, depression, weakness, and severe short-term memory problems. Remembering tasks on the job became very burdensome and her functioning suffered. FK started treatment one year after her chemotherapy and radiation had ended. After treatment at BWB, she was working productively and promoted to a more responsible job.

Pervasive Development Delay - PDD

Steve was an early teen with PDD. His response to casual conversation was to echo others or was otherwise inappropriate. He had no sense of time or sequence and had severe motor skill challenges. After treatment at BWB, he could hit a baseball 85% of the time, throw a ball with complete follow through, accurately hit a bucket of golf balls, as well as swim a mean freestyle. His teachers were surprised by his improvement as he was able to do chemistry assignments without any outside help.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS

After being successfully treated herself, one of our clients referred her daughter for chronic neck, shoulder and wrist pain. She had been diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome. Our client received education on posture and neuromuscular rebalancing through sEMG muscle biofeedback with Emily Perlman. At the conclusion of her treatment, she was once again able to work on her computer.


John is a lawyer who had multiple small strokes that forced him into retirement. A neuropsychologist told him that he would never work again. He had major balance, concentration, memory, light and noise sensitivity issues. After treatment at BWB, his doctor told him he was as healthy as before the strokes and said, “You are back!” He returned to a part-time law practice.

Emotional Trauma

Matt was adopted when he was almost one-year-old. His parents wrote: “He was not physically delayed at all on the outside but emotionally bruised and traumatized on the inside. He was scared, erratic and unsettled most days. Our son tried to live life but was suffocated by this blanket of fear, confusion and lack of trust that filtered into everyday living. Thanks to BWB, we learned his brain hemispheres were hardly communicating. Now, after treatment, the blanket has been removed and every single facet of his life has improved.”

A Father's Perspective

I first became aware of my son’s diminished health during a call to him in 2011 when he was pausing as if searching for words to complete his thoughts about a lake front property. Shortly after a rocket attack in February 2010, I had received a picture of him covered in debris and a small trickle of blood from both nostrils and an ear. I did not realize after his deployment that he was seeing some medical personnel at his base because I wanted to look beyond this discomfort that he had received.

By the time he left active service and moved back to our hometown, I wanted to go to his VA and other appointments when I could. It was immediately apparent how mismanaged the VA was and the personal he had to communicate with. On the first couple of appointments, VA personnel told him that he didn’t even serve in Iraq and that was with me present at the visits. They also suggested he do painful exercises to strengthen his lower lumbar areas even though outside testing would reveal he has painful neuromas in the spine and elsewhere.

For most several more years most of his symptoms got worse because they weren’t treated by caring individuals who wanted to provide a better state of health. In other words, masking pain by prescribing pills. Most of the significant initiatives were not connected to the VA.

I began noticing some improvements after 5-6 treatments with Brain Wellness and especially with Dr. Esty. My son reported the following biofeedback/neurofeedback improvements: no seizures, fewer migraines, of headaches he has experienced the intensity has lessened as well. He reports that he has considerably more clarity in his thought process, he also feels that he has not only remembered having dreams but he has been going to sleep easier. Here’s to a better life through Brain Wellness and Biofeedback.



A Letter from a former client

Dear Dr. Mary Lee Esty,

I was a patient at your clinic over ten years ago. When I first came to your clinic I was a teenage girl struggling with insomnia, fatigue, intense muscle pain, migraines and an inability to focus. I was struggling in my academic and personal life. I received numerous treatments at your center. I can only describe the experience as coming out of a fog. A lot has happened since that fog has lifted.

I graduated from High School in 2001 and started college. During my undergraduate experience I studied abroad for six months. I worked two jobs while in college. I graduated cum laude in May of 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a minor in Special Education. I was accepted to the Doctor of Audiology program at a University in the Fall of 2005. While working on my doctorate I married my college sweetheart and had a baby boy. My son’s name is “Paul” and he is three years old. I graduated with a Doctorate in Audiology in May of 2010. I recently gave birth to my second son, “Roger” this past fall. I am healthy and happy.

I wanted to write you because I would not be where I am today without the therapy I received at your center. When I look back at all the people that have helped me get to where I am today, you are one of the first people that gave me hope. Thank you for lifting that fog and that pain. Most importantly, thank you for giving me hope in my future. It turned out to be pretty bright.


Dr. B